Encaustic Collagraph Printmaking

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Encaustic Collagraph Printmaking


This two-day semi-private workshop in my Portland studio covers the various steps of the Encaustic Collagraph technique that I pioneered, more from a painter's point of view. You will learn some basic rudiments of encaustic and then we will dive in using various common tools of the medium. A comprehensive demonstration will cover applying the wax and use of various encaustic techniques that I married with collagraph as well as dry point etching, mark making, incising, embossing, and the use of heated tools. An in depth overview of Akua Inks and mediums as well as wiping techniques will also be covered.

You will first create the collagraph plates using my Wagner Encaustic Collagraph White on plexiglas. The next day, we begin applying ink, intaglio wiping and printing using Akua Intaglio Inks. The plates that you create in this workshop can also be saved and reused to come back and print from again and again. 

The Workshop includes two reusable 10 x 10 inch plexiglass plates, up to two sheets of Rives BFK 250b paper, collagraph white wax, Akua Inks, wiping cloth, tissue paper and newsprint. We will be printing on a 24" x 48" Takach Etching Press. Additional plates and paper available for purchase.

*Check payments also accepted with no fees, email for address.

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I supply a 24" x 48" Takach press, Akua Intaglio inks, 2 1/8" thick 10" x 10" plexiglas plates, Wagner Collagraph White Wax, encaustic tools and brushes.

Students Bring:
-textures and fabrics for embossing into the wax
-etching needle if you have one
-stencil brushes if you have any
-any special tools or brushes you like using for printmaking or encaustic.

Techniques covered:
-encaustic heating, tools and application
-building a collagraph plate
-dry point etching
-monotype and monoprinting
-intaglio printing
-Akua Inks: overview and use
-paper soaking
-mark making in monotype
-paper registration
-setting the press
-easy clean up of inks

This video explains the process of encaustic collagraph and shows how much fun the workshop is!