Visiting Artists Summer 2019

Pattern & Repetition, Sue Stover, July 17-19 2019

Pattern and repetition are an integral part of our everyday lives. Visually we find it in nature, textiles, architecture, and objects in our environments. Physically we use it in rituals, ceremonies, and meditations. Audibly we hear it in music, mantras, and machinery. Using encaustic in combination with surface design and mark-making techniques on fabric, this workshop will explore pattern and repetition in art. Students will explore their own interest in this topic and encouraged to develop personal images, motifs and marks. This class is intended for those with working experience of encaustic at an intermediate or advanced level. Instruction will be given on silk painting, sun printing, batik, tjanting tools, layering, and stenciling to create patterns and unique marks on silk and paper and how to incorporate it into encaustic. Students will create a series of repeated images on small panels and individual pieces that address their interests and ideas. Discussions and examples will include uses of pattern and repetition conceptually as well as compositionally.

Mixed Media Encaustic: Collagraph and the Printed Mark
Lorraine Glessner, August 1-3

Details coming soon!