I live in Honolulu and wanted to take Elise's workshops for two years. I was finally able to coordinate my schedule and take a three day workshop in November 2018. I loved every minute of time with Elise as well as learning new encaustic techniques. It was my first time with encaustic collagraph .. I loved it so much I signed up for her Mexico workshop in January 2019. I also will be signing up for more classes in the summer of 2019. Elise is very easy to work with and has a wonderful studio workspace. She is a very talented instructor and artist, I feel fortunate to be able to learn from her.   -Sandy Simonian, Honolulu, HI
  Wonderful! I am an extreme amateur - trained in a field Faron the other side of my brain from art, but with a firm desire to learn to express myself visually. I had a one-on-one all-day session with Elise in her studio as she took me through encaustic painting her way. I was nervous to learn from an establish artist who shows her work in galleries New York, Washington, D.C., Portland, and elsewhere but Elise is so down-to-earth, funny, witty, entertaining, and especially: supportive! What a wonderful way to spend a day and a great investment in ME! Thank you Elise! —Anton Mogilevsky, Lake Oswego, OR       -Anton Mogilevsky, Lake Oswego, OR
  I travelled from Michigan to Portland to learn more about encaustic and printmaking.   I was searching online for private instruction on encaustic and I came upon Elise's work and courses. I emailed her  she was able to design a three-day, one on one instruction based on my personal interests.    I was able to spend concentrated creative time with Elise and was exposed to both mediums. We were able to work side by side and I enjoyed every minute of the experience. She was a great teacher. The entire experience was so enjoyable and if I am able, I would love to return to her wonderful studio.    -Michelle McLean, MD, Freeland, MI
  Elise Wagner's workshops are instructional, professional and fun for artists of all experience and skill levels. Elise's extensive teaching experience allows her to tailor each class to the needs of her individual students. Her studio classroom is safe and well-equipped and even has a four-legged greeter! I have taken two of Elise's workshops and am looking forward to the next.    - Karen Karlsson, Pamona, CA
   I was a novice and there were other people with printmaking experience. All of us learned! Elise is patient and always had a constructive comment. Her positive teaching technique is backed by her solid knowledge in art especially in encaustic collagraph printmaking. I totally enjoyed her expertise and overall kindness as a teacher and person! Plus I love her art work! Thank you Elise!!! I'll be back for another workshop.   -Alannah Ashlie, Seattle, WA
  I traveled from New York to Portland to take Elise's encaustic collagraph workshop, it was absolutely worth the trip. Her studio is wonderful and the workshop was informative on so many levels. I have taken what I learned with Elise and am incorporating it while working in my own studio at home. With Elise's encouragement I have been able to take some leaps of faith in my own art.   -Valerie Zeman, Huntington, NY   
  I have admired Elise Wagner's work for a long time and had wanted to take a printmaking workshop with her. I finally had the opportunity to take an Encaustic collagraph weekend workshop at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey. elise had us using her specially formulated Wagner Encaustic Collagraph White to create the printing plates the first day. It was very easy to work with and everyone got great results the next day with Elise's expert guidance. I was amazed at the results we achieved. There were novice and Master Printmakers in the workshop and Elise covered everything we needed to know in a systematic, organized and fun way. She provided everyone individualized attention and patiently answered any questions we had. It was a great workshop!    -Patricia Dunsman, Doylestown, PA
  If you are interested in workshops that are chock full of technical information, yet immensely enjoyable, I urge you to look into Wagnerica Workshops. My daughter and I enjoyed a week long program in Red Deer, Alberta. I have since travelled twice to Oregon for a "Wagnerica fix"! Elise is an encaustic professional who also has a gift for sharing her passion.   -Carol Lulham, Montreal, Quebec
  I have taken three workshops with Elise. She is a talented and generous instructor .....I particularly appreciate the structure of her teaching, multiple comprehensive demo's with time to experiment in a great studio space. Since my last workshop I've completed several pieces and have some in gallery for sale....Being in the midst of her brilliant paintings is great inspiration!    -Veronica Flemming, Prineville, OR
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   I have taken two of Wagner’s Workshops. The first was a encaustic workshop. There were only three of us. The second was the encaustic collograph workshop.    I also felt fortunate to have started my encaustic learning with Elise. Even though my current technique of encaustic-watercolors is different from what I learned in my first workshop, I still consider that workshop as deeply influential on my development as an artist in general.  Elise’s perspective of that we are artists first and encaustic just another medium, has stayed with me.    I liked that Elise emphasized our artistic visions, as well as how the encaustic techniques she shared might achieve that vision. Elise teaches art workshops, not just encaustic workshops.  She seems to have every intention to want our very best and most adventurous art selves to be welcomed into her studio.     –Anne Mavor, Portland, OR
  Our workshop was such a lot of fun. We worked hard and, with Elise's expert instruction, created some beautiful work. The studio is wonderfully equipped. Elise is an inspiring artist, generous with her information, who challenges her students to explore new marks, shapes, and ways of printmaking with encaustic collagraph.    -Jeannie Pasch, Dover, MA
  Elise is an amazing instructor and artist. She is great demonstrating the projects, passionate about the work and very helpful solving challenges. Her enthusiasm is continuous and she knows the printmaking world and significant players.   -Mary Volm, Portland, OR
  I attended one of Elise Wagner's workshops in Portland. I learned so much; I was motiovated to go deeper with my art; I learned about lifelong commitment; and I observed and shared with many talented artists. I also struggled, fought my own roadblocks and at the end I came back to my studio with new techniques, new  insight, and a renewal of my efforts to paint. I thank Elise for her beautiful art, her willingness to help others, and her steadfastness to being an artist.. in all that entails. -  Joan Tucker, Olympia, WA
  Elise Wagner's workshops are outstanding. She has a depth of knowledge of the medium of encaustic and artistry that is rare to find. That, combined with her expert teaching skills, makes her workshops invaluable to anyone looking to paint or print using encaustic. Her space is well equipped for instruction and she provides written resources one can refer to later. This allows for a relaxed atmosphere, tailored instruction, along with the time and space to experiment. She also has a great sense of humor, making workshops fun as well as instructional. I have taken two workshops with Elise and I highly recommend them for both beginners and artists with an established practice.    -Kindra Krick, Portland, OR
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