Inking the Plate


Inking the Plate


What’s Covered:

  • Applying non-toxic soy and honey based Akua Intaglio Inks

  • Using Akua Transparent Base Medium

  • Inking with a stencil brush

  • Wiping with a tarlatan (a super sized cheesecloth)

  • Wiping raised relief lines & textures with Akua Wiping Cloth

  • Erasing technique to highlight lines using a “Q-tip”

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Here, I will demonstrate applying non-toxic soy and honey based Akua Intaglio Inks along with Transparent Base medium to the monotype background plate and the encaustic collagraph plate. Applying the inks with a stencil brush, I will then wipe the plate with a tarlatan (a super-sized stiff cheesecloth) and lastly wipe the relief areas with Akua Cloth. I often highlight lines using water and a Q-tip at the very end before printing.