PDX—CSA Artwork, from concept to completion
to Sep 17

PDX—CSA Artwork, from concept to completion

I'm excited one of six artists selected to be part of Season 4 of the PDX-CSA Artwork: Concept to Completion program. How it works: think small farm subscription like Organics to You but you get art instead of vegetables. Be involved with the creative process from planting it's seeds of conception to germination and completion. 
You don’t have to be a Portland resident, everyone gets to be involved in the process from concept to completion.

Go to pdx-csa.com for more details and to subscribe. Pre-purchasing has begun you have until September 17th to participate! 

With my project, I am creating 12 encaustic collagraph limited edition prints of abstract topographical compositions. Each print will be 6" x 6" on 15" x 11" paper. You get to watch my progress and learn about my process and the inspiration for my work through videos and photos. I will build the plate from an Ampersand Art Suppl Claybaord using white encaustic wax, then ink the plate with non-toxic soy and honey based Akua Ink and print what could be your very own signed original artwork.

PDX-CSA will tell me how many prints sold, two so far! Once finished, we have a big “meet the artist” party where you will pick up your artwork. 

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