"Painting for me is a continual navigation that charts my response to the visual world around me. By constant discovery through my chosen mediums, I seek to imbue in my work a sense of wonder and mystery. My work is inspired by and evolves alongside new developments made in astronomy, physics and the environment. I approach each painting as if I am laying down a map to an unknown destination and have always been intrigued by how we define our sense of place by way of cartography and architecture. My aim is to translate visually through the use of color, line, texture and light."

Elise Wagner painter, printmaker, and teacher, is a
recent recipient of the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant. Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, Elise relocated to Portland, Oregon over 30 years ago. Her initial captivation with the geology, and the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, lead her to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree at Portland State University. She studied geology, physics and environmental biology with the intention of weaving them into what would become the fabric of her work. Elise was also awarded a residency at Vermont Studio Center. Making the Pacific Northwest her home base has continually nurtured her lifelong creative pursuit of merging art with science.