Over twenty years ago, I began teaching encaustic painting to the local community in my studio in Portland, Oregon. Watching the popularity of encaustic painting grow through teaching motivated me to push the boundaries of the medium and invent unique ways to present the many possibilities offered by its varied textured surfaces.

In 2002, I began developing Encaustic CollagraphTM and formulating Wagner Encaustic Collagraph WhiteTM, the wax that is used to create encaustic collagraphs. Over the years, I have been honored and thrilled to introduce artists and printmakers from across the globe to my unique method at my studio as well as printmaking institutions coast to coast and internationally. This under five minute video illustrates what Encaustic CollagraphTM is all about.

All workshops listed, unless otherwise noted are held at Wagnerica, my creative compound in Portland, Oregon

2015-16 Workshops

Encaustic Collograph in Alberta, Canada

July 11-15, 2016


Encaustic Collagraph

Collagraph printing is a process that begins by using collage materials to build up a raised textured surface over any rigid substrates such as plexi-glass, wood or cardboard to create a printing plate. Inks and oils are applied to the textured surface and printed on paper or fabric. Encaustic collagraph uses wax, in lieu of collage material, as a soft ground that can be incised, carved or built up and manipulated to hold ink and exploit textures.

Prints can be made using two distinct methods or a combination of: relief which will reflect the topmost surface of the plate; or intaglio which picks up the recessed details and fine lines. The flexibility of encaustic gives a dynamic twist to this traditional printing process by giving you a ground that remains stable through multiple print runs for an edition series, yet at the same time can be quickly and easily manipulated after each print for highly controlled monotypes that offer incredible depth.

This two-day workshop covers the various steps of the encaustic collagraph method that I pioneered from a painter's point of view which will take you beyond encaustic. You will first create the collagraph plates using my Wagner Encaustic Collagraph White on plexiglas. The next day, we begin printing using Akua inks. The plates that you create in this workshop can also be saved and reused to come back and print from again and again.

Workshop includes two reusable plexiglass plates, three sheets of Rives BFK paper, collagraph white wax, and printing inks. Additional plates and paper available for purchase.

Choose from the following available dates:

Feb 27 & 28Buy now with PayPal
May 14 & 15Buy now with PayPal
June 25 & 26Buy now with PayPal
July 30 &31Buy now with PayPal
August 27 & 28Buy now with PayPal

$290+$85 materials fee
10:00AM-4:00PM Saturday
9:00AM-4:00PM Sunday
Maximum 4 participants.

Making Encaustic Collagraph Monotypes using Encausticbord and R&F Pigment Sticks

In this unique two-day session, we will be using R&F Pigment Sticks on Encausticbord as the collagraph printing plate. Here, you will create prints on paper AND be able to create paintings from the Encausticbord.
Includes a selection of pigment sticks and most materials. Students are required to bring one set of 6” x 6” Encausticbords, paper and a small selection of R&F Pigment Sticks.
$290+$60 materials fee

Saturday and Sunday

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

One date only:

June 4 & 5Buy now with PayPal

Maximum 4 participants.

Encaustic Monotype Collograph in Alberta, Canada

July 11-15, 2016


Hourly Press Time

For returning students who want to make additional prints with existing collagraph plates, I am offering private or assisted hourly use of my press. Participants are supplied with a Takach 24” x 48” etching press, newsprint, tissue paper, Akua Inks, knives, brayers and tarlatan. Please bring your own paper, brushes, collagraph plates and additional materials or supplies you like using.

Rates are as follows:


Half day/4 hours 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM: $135

Full day/7 hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM: $235

I can also be made available for private printing assistance with you for an additional $30/hr.

Please contact me to book press time.


Encaustic Collagraph Monotype Printmaking Retreat at Wagnerica

Spend three days with me one-on-one printing. This Includes studio access, and lodging at my Airbnb and most materials. Available slots May-November, 2016.


Please contact me to book a time.


Full-day studio rental: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. $250

Treat yourself or go in with a friend and come spend the day creating. Includes most materials.

-For printmaking: bring paper, brushes, plates and tarlatan.

-For encaustic bring any works in progress and/or panels to work on along with any other supplies, brushes or tools you like using.

Please contact me to book a time.

Private Daily Teaching Rates
$100/1st hr $65 for each additional (maximum 6 hours).

These sessions include most materials and are ideal as one-on-one instruction for specific projects and techniques.
Please contact me to book a time.

Encaustic Painting Restoration Rates


I have restored encaustic objects and paintings for galleries and private collectors for many years and am on the Oregon Historical Society conservation source list. Please feel free to contact me regarding your specific needs and any photos of the work.

Please contact me for additional information.

Wagner Encaustic Collagraph White Available for purchase.

16oz. cans of my hand formulated Encaustic Collagraph Titanium White is available for purchase in class or directly through me.


I will be presenting a demonstration of Encaustic Collagraph Monotype at the 2016 Southern Graphics Council International Conference
SGCI Portland | Flux: The Edge of Yesterday and Tomorrow
March 30 - April 2
Waterfront Marriott, Portland, OR
Exact date, location and details coming soon!
Here is the Demos and Projects link for more information.


Artists travel to my workshops from all over the United States, Canada and beyond. The workshops have become a creative destination for artists to explore Portland's unique creative culture, restaurants and surrounding natural beauty. 

My studio is centrally located in the Overlook neighborhood of North Portland and immediately off of the I-5 Freeway, very close to public transit and major bike routes. I am a short walk over to the Historic Mississippi District for breakfast or dinner options if you are a visitor to Portland for the workshop. The Monticello Motel that my studio is conveniently located behind, is a clean, family owned and reasonably priced budget motel that has been favorably reviewed by former students.

For more information and rates go to:

Airbnb is also a good option in North Portland, including a single occupancy at my place. If my place is full, the provided Airbnb links will bring you to additional lodging options nearby my studio.

All of the following additional accomodations are within a 10-15 minute drive to my studio or near the MAX Yellow Light Rail Line which will take you directly to my studio within 30 minutes. The below suggested hotels range in price from moderate to luxury.

The Kennedy School

Hotel Modera

Ace Hotel

The Nines Hotel


If you find you need to cancel you can also opt to transfer into a future date, otherwise, the cancellation policy is as follows:

-Cancellations 30 days in advance 50% refund.

-Cancelations less than two weeks in advance 25% refund.

-No shows are non-refundable.


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