I strive to reflect in my work the seemingly illogical and arbitrary order inherent in today’s uncertain world through the use of subject matter ranging from physics to cartography. Engagement with my immediate surroundings and various current concerns continually fosters a preoccupation and fascination with science, nature, the sublime and the celestial.

Science by definition is mystery and also stands as a metaphor of discovery for all that is unknown, intangible and incomprehensible to us as human beings. I create my art in an attempt for it to commingle with science towards evoking the passage of time and bring the intangible into a visual context. Atmosphere is used in the work as a symbol for transitions: where things end, where they transform and where they begin again.

The conceptualization of my work arrives through subjects or images that I am compelled by and is then achieved through creating small studies, drawings, writing and making prints. My studio practice combines printmaking, oil painting and encaustic painting. I often work on several paintings simultaneously and rely on chance occurrences in materials to navigate the direction of the work. What lingers from the materials is what comprises the work. Decisions to add, subtract and eliminate form the overall narrative. This practice of working enables me to detach from the work to some extent, allowing for a dialogue or theme to emerge.

Elise Wagner, 2015

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